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Energy Clearing Package (5 Sessions)

Clearing trapped emotions will lift the weight off your shoulders.

  • 45 min
  • 575 US dollars
  • Remote Session

Service Description

Personal Energy Clearing is a session to release trapped emotions that our body has experienced and not fully processed causing them to get stuck within the body. These emotions which are balls of energy, approximately the size of your fist, continuously vibrate against your organs, glands and any part of the body in which they settled into. Over time the continuous vibration can cause emotional distress and dis-ease. Through this session not only can you release emotions in general but you can have "event specific" emotions addressed. Trapped emotions also contribute to the lens in which you view and react to the world. Let's say for example, you have a trapped emotion of anger from something that occurred earlier in the day and are carrying this emotion with you, then in the afternoon your anger is triggered again by another event and so on and so forth. What happens is that each trigger will compound and the emotion will get easily triggered each time because the initial trigger is still there. Slowly through life experiences these emotions build up and start contributing to the person we have become and the pattern in which we use to handle our day to day life. * This session is done remotely. I will connect energetically and provide results via e-mail within 24 hours. * No refunds, you can reschedule if needed though! (Please provide 48 hours notice for any cancellations. Missed appointments will be charged in full.)

Contact Details

Miami, FL, USA

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