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The Emotion Code

What is The Emotion code?

The Emotion Code is a powerful healing method that uses a simple yet effective technique to release trapped emotions from the body. We believe that emotions are a key component of physical health and that by removing negative emotions, the body can heal itself. Our method involves muscle testing to identify trapped emotions and then using our magnetic left hand to release them energetically. This gentle and non-invasive technique is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life.

The Emotion Code Book

What does a session consist of?

During a session, I will work with you to identify specific emotions that may be causing you mental or physical distress and help you release them through this simple technique. Within each session your body will allow approximately 10 emotions to be released.  Once the session is completed I will provide you with the results via e-mail within 24 hrs.

This technique is so gentle and non-invasive it is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life including, our extended family members, our pets. Many clients find it to be a transformative experience bringing them into their natural state of joy, peace and conducing an overall zest for life again. Plus, an added benefit is that these sessions can be done remotely so that you may benefit from them at any time and from anywhere around the world in conjunction with other treatments or on its own.

The Emotion Code® Chart A B 1 HEART OR SMALL INTESTINE Abandonment Betrayal Forlorn Lost L
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